On mission to

empower world changers

through technology.

Sacred Space.

In 2005 I made my first Myspace CSS tweaks and have been hooked on code ever since. From that point forward, the internet, and this website, have become a sacred space. I’m passionate about using technology to empower world changers. I’m also very particular about design, code cleanliness, and care for these sacred spaces.


Head of Support at Whiteboard

We believe the Brightest Future can only be realized when we as individuals believe there is good in every person, recognize our collective impact on and therefore responsibility to one another, and commit our own resources to advancing others. By holding the foundations in balance—belief, stewardship, and generosity—we can engage every challenge and decision thoughtfully and intentionally, trusting that our decisions will lead to a Brighter Future where human flourishing is maximized.

And the hope of a Brighter Future is the essence of meaningfulness in our mission at Whiteboard. We empower visionaries to lead meaningful brands—visionaries committed to a future of human flourishing—where belief, generosity, and stewardship are the guiding principles of our life and work.


Over the last decade, I've helped companies of all sizes update their digital presence by building tools to simplify the way they use technology to tell their story and achieve their mission.

As a senior front-end engineer, I've built massive sites on Drupal, cluttered the internet with my fare share of Wordpress powered sites (sorry), built multiple large-scale, member-based sites on ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS, and recently turned to Webflow to build large scale marketing sites (and teeny, tiny ones). I was once a huge fan of Bootstrap and added it to every project I started. I've chosen Vue over React after a not-so-fun project experience, had a Github account since 2012, been a committed fan of SASS, and in 2019 realized Docker was actually black magic. If none of that made sense, that's okay.

The tool isn't the solution. I believe tools will continue to change and shift and it's the responsibility of technologists to continue to grow and push forward to use the best tech to arrive at the best solution possible. I've used dozens, if not hundreds, of tools over the years. All the while recognizing the importance of shifting and learning.

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